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Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend (2011)

I usually like to use a promotional poster from a movie that I am writing about, but none of them had the right look between the two main characters, who demonstrate a close a affectionate relationship.  This is the look.  The movie that is largely a dialogue between two gay men about what they face moving forward in society.  One striking thing about it was how dated it seemed to me.  They do not see an openly gay life as an option.  They are in disagreement about the value of gay marriage--is it caving to a straight world's values or is it a beautiful expression of the love that two people share, regardless of gender?  But neither of them see it as a real possibility--and the movie is not that old.  Same sex marriage will become a reality in 2014, which just goes to show how fast things can change.

The thing I loved about this movie is that it is a conversation about being gay--the kinds of sexual situations they find themselves in that make them uncomfortable, the kind of abuse and discrimination they regularly face, the real jealousy they feel for gay men who have family who take their sexuality in stride.  There are certainly things that my parents are not happy with me about, but they are not things that I was born with--they really do take credit for my genetics--it is just too bad I am stubborn and opinionated, they say, but I come by it honestly.  Well, same goes for sexual orientation.  Yes, there is some nudity, but if you are looking for hot sex look elsewhere (my personal favorite is 'Latter Days'  This is really much more about the emotional aspects of being a gay man.

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