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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Vacationers by Emily Straub

This is a surprisingly light and enjoyable book, especially considering the content.  A family is going on a European vacation to a rental house.  It is the parents, their daughter who is off to college, their adult son and his wife, and the wife's best friend and his husband.  The parents are ostensibly celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, but Jim, the husband, has just told his wife that he had an affair with an intern and lost his job as a result.  So he is unexpectedly retired and on the verge of divorce.  Franny, the wife, is the center of the action.  There are numerous things that happen with so many people who are not functioning at their maximal capacity are placed under one roof, no matter how idyllic the setting, and that is exactly what happens here  The ending is a good lesson to all who have been in long term relationships.

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