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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Ok, this is a straight up romantic comedy, with a teeny bit of drama thrown in, as well as lots of sex. Anne Hathaway's breasts and lovely legs make frequent appearances, followed by Jake Gylenhaal's derriere.
These are two dysfuntional people who can't seem to shake each other. Both have their excuses for who they are and why they act this way. Maggie (Hathaway) is gorgeous, talented, and has significant impairment from Parkinson's disease at age 26, which does not bode well for her future. She is self medicating her resultant depression with sex rather than booze (along with an anti-depressant). Jamie (Gylenhaal) grew up in a hyper-competative family where one sibling ishas an IPO going on while the other is arguing with their father about how to fix health care and cure cancer. Jamie stopped competing with them on their turf long ago and went with his strengths--seducing and bedding women.
Not the ideal couple for a deep relationship--they could use therapy but they choose sex, and it does eventually lead to something that might be life-changing for them. The film stops short of actually uncovering what that might look like, but it was a good, not too formulaic romance. Not to watch with anyone you would be uncomfortable watching people have sex with, because really, there was quite a bit of that.

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