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Thursday, March 17, 2011

McCollister Farm Remodel

Our 1860 farm house, after months of having unglamorous remodeling (heat, air, plumbing, electrical, hooking up to city water and sewage)--stuff that either you couldn't see the improvement, or in the case of the sewer hookup, made the yard look remarkably worse, we are finally at a point where the house is coming together and we can actually imagine living there. We have spent the last several weekends painting, and even that makes it look crisper and lighter. All the scuffs and bumps are now under yet another layer of paint, and it looks cheerful and inviting.

The flooring in the house is imaginative. Tile from the 1960's, 5 1/4"pine flooring laid right on the joists from the original house, plywood flooring in over half the house--then one spectacular floor right in the center of the house. After months of searching, we finally found some old vertical pine flooring that didn't look so hot at first glance, but once it was planed is gorgeous--not new looking, but absolutely gorgeos and the first floor, the dining room floor, was laid last week. It really makes the house look amazing.
The other big addition this week is that the kitchen cabinets are going in. Since this is the room where all the food happens, I am now able to envision moving in. There are endless things to do in a house this old, but now i finally feel like we are on our way.

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