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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Long Way Down (2014)

This movie did not get particularly good reviews, but I found it strangely enjoyable.  Martin Sharp (played very competently and almost compassionately by Pierce Brosnan) had the world in the palm of his hand uo until a year before when the movie opens.  He had a sexual relationship with someone that he claims he did not know was underage, and as a result he lost his long time morning talk show job, as well as his marriage and for a time, his personal freedom as he spent some itme in jail.  He is humiliated and he has decided to commit suicide.  Unfortunately or fortunately, he has chosen a popular building to hurl oneself off of and on New Year's Eve, also a popular night, and before he can accomplish the jump, he is joined by three other people, also suicidal.

They are all impulsively making a choice to end their lives, and having an audience makes them each hesitate, and they form an unlikely alliance whereby they provide support for each other much in the way a support group would act. Toni Collette's performance is pitch perfect, and the movie is ultimately hopeful and at the least enjoyable.

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