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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Le Weekend (2103)

Wow.  This was no comedy.  My spouse and I looked at each other when the credits rolled at the end and said, "Let's try really hard not to end up like that."

Nick and Meg are off on the train from England to spend the weekend in Paris to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Well, celebrate may be a stretch for this couple, who are alternatingly genially and bitterly mean to each other.  They check into a hotel suite that they cannot begin to afford.  Nick has just been fired from his job as a university philosophy professor and Meg is dissatisfied with her job.  They need to be job hunting rather than making each other more or less miserable in the city of love.  On top of this they have a son who is unemployed, ungrateful, and who has emptied their retirement account but is not satisfied with that.

Midway through the weekend they run into a colleague of Nick's from their school days.  Morgan is on his third marriage and has a best selling novel to his name.  He has a young and pregnant wife and untold riches, and he seems genuinely happy to run into Nick.  Morgan's son is the only Achilles heel, an unhappy boy who is adrift with a distracted father who loves him but doesn't know how to like him.  There are moments where this cast of characters chance upon the messy facts of real life, mixed with equally prevalent painful moments of truths that are better left unseen. 

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