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Monday, September 7, 2015

A Day to Labor at Home

I can not clearly remember what I did on Labor Day as a child, which means I probably did nothing.  I certainly have never been a girl to enjoy a parade, so it wasn't that.  Ever since I lived in a home of my own, I have spent Labor Day preparing for the winter ahead.  When I lived in Central California that meant preserving the bounty of summer, and my spouse and I canned many dozen quarts of various pickled vegetables and tomato products to be used later in the year.  I loved making my own tomato puree, already infused with vegetables and spices, sitting patiently on the shelf to be opened weeks to months later.  It allowed me to make something that tasted like it had been cooking on the stove all day in a matter of minutes, if need be.  When I was working 100 hour weeks, that was exactly what I needed, and it came in handy when I was raising four children.

This Labor Day I have spent baking for the upcoming winter months, and it has been a very satisfying time as well.  To watch container after container go into the freezer, waiting to be opened and enjoyed later in the year is once again a very satisfying way tho pass the holiday.  Not to mention that it is far too humid outside to consider leaving the house!

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