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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reflections on a Middle Child

It is one my two middle children’s birthday today and since it coincides with the Days of Awe this year, I am taking a moment to reflect on the middle child experience.  As an eldest child who has had two siblings who both had essentially a youngest child experience, my first hand knowledge of this comes exclusively through my children.  I like the T-shirt meme that has been on Facebook that goes as follows: “I am the Oldest.  I Made the Rules”, “I am the Middle.  I am the Reason there are Rules”, and “I am the Youngest.   The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.”  I think this about sums it up.  The eldest sets the standards, the youngest ignores them, and the middle kids are left to make a lot of noise.  On the up side, sometimes the noise can be spawn creativity, it can make opportunities happen for them in the end.  On the down side, it can get them into trouble.  And it can breed discontent and a feeling that life isn’t fair.  Well, being in the middle is good training for life.  You are always in the middle.  There are always things you are responsible for and there are always people that you are responsible to.  And life is most certainly not fair.  So to my middle children I say make the most of what you have learned from your sibship, and make the most of it.  And have a wonderful new year while you are at it.

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