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Thursday, February 4, 2016

River (2015)

This six episode series that is streaming on Netflix and comes to us from the crime drama genre of BBC productions is really different.  I am not sure if you would like it if you are not enamored with police procedurals but it is like none that I have seen before.

Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, who would have been a good Wallender, plays River, who is grieving the loss of his partner and only friend, Stevie.  He sees her and talks to her constantly, and relatively quickly we discover that she is not the only visual and auditory hallucination he has.  People haunt him, and they have since he was a child.  It is unclear if it is his conscience that is giving life to these hallucinations, or something else, but he is an excellent cop with a case clearance rate that offsets his peculiarities.  His new partner is not quite as sanguine about his issues with seeing what what no one else sees, but he tolerates him, and they are a likable team.  Very unusual and surprisingly good.

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