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Monday, February 22, 2016

Toys in the Attic (2009)

My youngest son in trolling the animated movie section at the library these days and we have seen some things that I have never heard of, including this movie set in Cold War Czech Republic.  The toys in the attic are separated by a wooden gate, and of course the ones on the side with the blonde doll Buttercup have a very nice life, with food on the table and their beds made every morning.  The other side of the gate is ruled by a large malevolent head and his mismatched toy henchmen.  The head sets his eyes on Buttercup and once he captures her we get a chance to see that even when things are good these toys do not know how to live a decent life.  The good toys, assisted by a Madame Curie scientist type, plan a daring rescue and Buttercup is returned home, where everything goes back to normal, but no one tries to think about those on the dark side.  Not a kids movie really, but very interesting.

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