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Monday, January 11, 2016

Le Chef (2012)

There are a lot of good food oriented movies streaming on Netflix right now and this is one of them.  I have not been cooking much since my recent cancer diagnosis--kind of a mistake because times of illness are when you should probably focus more rather than less on what is going into your body, but the truth of the matter is that it is just hard getting through some days without adding yet another expectation on top.
None-the-less, this foray back into food movies was a good one.  I do love a one Michelin star restaurant, but am not so keen on the three star places, so a movie poking a little bit of fun at that tier of dining suits me well.  Jean Reno plays the chef, Alexandre Lagarde at his famous restaurant Cargo Lagarde and he is burnt out.  He happens upon a true disciple of his, a difficult to work with out of work chef named Jacky, who not only has memorized Lagarde's recipes, he has taken it to a new level and over the course of the movie they manage to save each other, all the while serving fantastic food in the true French tradition.  A fun and farcical movie that I highly recommend.

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