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Monday, December 29, 2014

Eatery A, Des Moines, Iowa

We were driving back to Iowa City from Kansas City, as we often find ourselves doing, and we stopped here for a bite to eat.  Des Moines is a solid hour and a half away from us, so we do try to stop to sample the culinary offerings when we are driving through, because we are unlikely to make a special trip.  This was a good choice.

This is a bar and Mediterranean food restaurant, which has happy hour prices for beer on tap and pizzas in the middle of the day.  The pizzas have usual topping combinations, like olives, feta and preserved lemon, or figs, dates and honey, as well as some closer to traditional topping combinations.  The pastas are handmade, and include stuffed options that I almost always opt for because they are hard to make at home.  There are meats and sea foods (including octopus), as well as a number of vegetable side dishes, all of which look delicious.  The menu is extensive and inviting.

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