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Sunday, December 14, 2014

That Awkward Moment (2014)

This is a formulaic movie about romance from the man's point of view.  Three friends are brought more closely together when Mikey's wife informs him that she wants a divorce.  Jason and Danny have never had a serious relationship in all their years, and so their solution to Mikey's problem is to take him out to a bar and for the three of them to pick up random women.

The bad part of this movie is that the characters are predictable.  Men behaving badly is the rule here, but I think that it is not off the mark.  The good part is that while Jason and Danny are not the least bit interested in getting into a long term relationship, they both find themselves moving in that direction.  Poor Mikey, who really wants to be in a long term relationship, is the one that is left out.  This is a diversionary movie, one that can be watched in mixed company, and one where one can point out repeatedly why particular behaviors, speech content, and attitudes are not equivalent with grown up behavior.

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