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Friday, December 5, 2014

Jesus Henry Christ (2013)

The critics hated this movie but I quite enjoyed it.  It has a Wes Anderson aura about it that is quirky and enjoyable.

Patricia (Toni Colette) has had a tragic life, losing twin brothers to linked accidents and another brother to AIDS, she decides to have a baby through the miracle of in vitro fertilization.  The child, Henry, is a child prodigy, a boy with a photographic memory and a speed reader who can not just read the book but digest it and remember it all.  He is bound and determined to find out who his father is, and comes upon Slavkin (Michael Sheen), a professor who has ruined his daughter Audrey's life by writing a book about her.  She is now the focus of relentless bullying which has made her bitter and difficult.  Henry, a boy who is largely friendless as a result of his overwhelming talents, befriends her and gradually melts her heart.   DNA proves that Slavkin is father to both of them and oddly they make a more or less functional family.

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