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Monday, November 2, 2015

Eating Like a Bird

I have always had a better than healthy appetite.  I am not one to skip too many meals, and I am definitely someone who would plan a vacation around the menu rather than a sporting event.  If I could combine it with a beautiful national park, an extraordinary musical festival, or a museum exhibit, so much the better, but those have been my life long priorities.  I do not get what people find enrapturing about sporting events, but I definitely understand figuring out where to get the pregame meal.

So now that I have had a monster abdominal surgery, spent nine days eating nothing but ice chips, and have been trying to gradually resume what I would consider to be a normal food intake, I realize that there is a lot that you miss when you take food for granted.  The ability to taste and savor each bite, while annoying if you are worried that you will slip into nothingness, is a nice way to look at and enjoy food.  Small bites well savored are a pleasure that I have rarely indulged in, but circumstances have changed, and now I get to slow down and take notice.

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