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Friday, November 13, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Backwards

When one is on a long journey it is very important to remember the key word is long.  All the progress does not need to be made at the beginning, and if things don't go smoothly in the short run, all that means is that things are not going smoothly in the short run.  Even though I was in school for a very long time to get my professional education, and I should clearly understand the concept of delayed gratification and the makings of a long term plan, it is easy to forgot those things when faced with the real and present danger of health risks.  The bad news is that responding to those dangers does not help at all.  In fact, at times it can hurt, because there is a lot of evidence that optimism is at least one ingredient in successful outcomes.

I don't exactly know how that works, but I do think that if you are going through something that is really hard, it is alot easier to tolerate if you have hope that it will be successful.  The other thing that I don't understand is how people praying for you helps in substantive ways, even if they don't know you and you don't even know they are praying for you can help, but there is evidence for that too.  So being cherished, by yourself and others, is an important piece of healing and try not to lose sight of that, even when it is all too easy to do.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am enjoying your blog because you have a talent for writing and getting thoughts down in a way that we all can relate to even if we have not had your same experience. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Positive energy is coming your way from the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

  2. We think and talk about you and yours all the time, Cathy, (and there might even be some prayers in the mix). Thanks for taking the time to write about your circuitous journey. Glad you can muster the energy to do so.