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Friday, November 6, 2015

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

We have been working on watching Hitchcock's body of work from the time he moved from England to the United States, with an eye to watching his progress as a film maker and to better get to know one particular director better.  So that entails watching a number of lesser known works, of which this is one.
That said, this is a very enjoyable movie, especially when you think about the time in which it was made and the man who made it.  Hitchcock had recently emigrated from a country that was reeling from World War I, not the least prepared for another war, and yet looking at a militant Germany on the march.  His adopted country, America, is adamantly neutral on the subject of entering the foray, and this movie most definitely aims to let Americans know that the British could use their help.
The story revolves around an American reporter, renamed Huntley Haverstock, with a reputation for being a man who relentlessly pursues a story.  He quickly gets embroiled in a conspiracy where there is a sham assassination, a kidnapping of a key Dutch diplomat, and as is almost always the case in a Hitchcock movie, falling in love with a woman who has a serious complication to their romance coming to fruition.  The story rolls forward with a nice momentum, a moment of peril, and a more or less happy ending.  A movie well worth watching, especially for the Hitchcock fans.

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