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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hinterland Brewery, Green Bay, WI

I was in Green Bay in the late summer this year and had a really wonderful meal at this brewery/restaurant.  It is a great combination between a wonderful array of beers that are brewed on site and a small but very good menu that paired well with the beer.  My brother, whose birthday is today, would love this place.  A gastropub with vegan options and great beer--what is not to like?
As is true in the best of brew pubs, there is a sampler available.  There are a number of beers that are made on site (Saison, Maple bock, Octoberfest, 2 Stouts, Pilsner, 2 IPAs, a Pub Draught, an Amber and a Winterland) and the sampler allows one to try 4 at a time.  The bar menu is pizza from a wood fired over that was excellent.  There are a nice range of starters and main courses, and I was able to sampel a range of the menu by tasting what each of my 3 co-diners had, and everything was very good.  Highly recommended.

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