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Friday, January 9, 2015

Roe, Portland, OR

The dinner my spouse and I had here was hands down the most elegantly prepared meal that we had on a short trip to Portland recently.  The key ingredients to the success of the meal included remarkably fresh seafood, careful and beautiful preparation of the food resulting in dishes that were unquestionably things we could not go home and make ourselves, and impeccable service and atmosphere.  The restaurant is located behind The Block and Tackle, a seafood restaurant that has a wonderful selection of beverages at the bar, small plates that are reasonably priced, and we would have been happy to start the meal off there if we had arrived earlier than our reservation or had to wait.  The menu at Roe had a few appetizer options, and then a 4-course seafood meal that included a raw fish course, a seafood course, a fish course, and a dessert.  We were able to try almost everything on the menu by ordering different options for each course, and everything we had was pitch perfect.  The salmon was surprisingly delicious, as was the ceviche.  Final note is that the wine pairing that went with each course was the best food-drink pairing that we have experienced.  Very impressive meal in a lovely location.

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