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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Little Bird, Portland, OR

This is a beautifully appointed restaurant in the downtown Portland area.  The configuration of the tables and the tone set by the decor are French bistro like and very inviting.  I think my grandmother, whose birthday it would have been today had she made it well past the century mark, would have enjoyed joining us for lunch here.

My spouse and I were on a weekend getaway to Portland where our two goals were to eat well and to walk around the rest of the time.  No museums, no culture, just criss-crossing the city on foot, weather permitting--which it did.
Our lunch included a duck confit, which was the most traditional French dish that we had--it was well prepared, but ended up being the least memorable part of the meal, along with the braised kale--both of which I love, so that is in many ways a compliment.  The crab roll was perfect--the bread it was served on was a brioche dough in the traditional hot dog bun style, lightly buttered and toasted. The crab salad was lemony with tarragon and very good.  The highlight of the meal was a spaghetti squash gratin with a bechamel sauce, gruyere cheese on top and toasted walnuts.  Delicious!

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