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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shopping for Food in Yunnan Province, China

This is my second to last post on my trip to China last summer and I am posting it on my spouse's birthday because while he wasn't crazy about going in the first place, he did so for me, and in the end we had a very good and even more interesting time.

The thing that we love to do is to walk around new places, see what is different and fun and unusual about them, and then try some of what we see.
When we were in Yunnan province we did have yak in a village (tastes like beef), but best of all the restaurant had a delicious and spicy array of all sorts of food.  Some restaurants that we visited had the raw ingredients displayed on racks in front.  As a diner you would choose the ingredients for the dishes that you ordered, then sat down to some tea while they whipped up your food.  It was fantastic and fun.  My spouse ate a cricket, but I maintained that I am saving bugs that I eat on purpose for the end times.
If you like the sort of sensory assault that a foreign culture can offer, then China is definitely a great country to visit, especially if you get out of the new parts of each city (which dwarf the old parts in size and scope) and walk around the old neighborhoods, take pictures, pause and let it sink in, and stop at restaurants and take a chance on what you will get.  It is well worth it.

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