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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cultural Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico

Adjoining Santo Domingo church is the monastery of Museo de las Culturas who became a regional museum in 1972. I must admit that for me it is more interesting than the church, which is gorgeous as houses of worship go, but hard to look at the individual elements of its grandeur.
It is considered to be one of the best museums in Mexico. It covers the history and cultures of Oaxaca. The museum’s 23 permanent exhibition rooms offer a walk through the history of Oaxaca from pre-Hispanic times through the colonial period and independence. The most impressive display is the room showing the Treasure of Tomb 7 from Monte Alban, which is another must see stop for a Oaxaca trip.  The exhibition on the Spanish conquistadors of 1519 will really open your eyes to the impact of colonization on the region. The hoard of Mixtec treasure with glittering stacks of jewellery gives you a glimpse into an older time in Mexico.
 Also it exhibits contemporary art and designs.

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