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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

La Teca, Oaxaca, Mexico

This little restaurant in the Colonia Reforma neighborhood in Oaxaca is the best place that we ate in a city that is full of spectacular food.  One day we attempted to eat at a street taco stand and when we found it closed, we went back to this restaurant to eat again.  If we were there a bit longer, we might have gone back a third time, and by then we would have largely been able to have explored the entire menu.  Happy in our knowledge of Isthmus food.

Pictured above are garnachas, small discs of masa that are patted out and fried, and then topped with well flavored meat.  We could eat these every day, they were so delicious.  The next best dish is the chile pasilla oaxaqueño relleno (a regional dried chile, reconstituted, stuffed with a flavorful chicken mixture, and fried), which is small but packs a wonderful flavor punch.  I could eat one of these every day as well.  The tamales (there are three kinds, one on the sweet side, but all are delicious, and the main courses are remarkable, but seem like you would have a hope of making them at home.

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