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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cala, San Francisco

Cala is a Mexican restaurant in the tradition of regional Mexican cooking rather than Sonora style Mexican food that we are more used to.  I read about it in the San Francisco Chronicle and I have really loved places that we have dined in Oaxaca with this style of cuisine.  That and I could get a reservation there on relatively short notice even though there was a convention at the Moscone in town at the time.
This was an uneven meal for me.  I never know when that happens if it is because the restaurant is uneven or if I just ordered badly; in any case, it happened.  I loved the sopes and really considered getting another order of them, that is how good they were.  The clams al chipotle were amazing, but not quite filling enough.  But the ceviche was just raw halibut, with hardly a hint of lime flavor, and none of the pickling that I think of with ceviche.  Very disappointing.
On the up side, the atmosphere was nice, and the drinks menu was full of nice surprises. 

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