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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

 Lordy, lordy, where to start?  This is the most amazing bakery ever, in that it has incredibly delicious fancy sweets, like the lemon cream tart pictured at the right (which was just as delicious as it looks, if not more so, and I am not exaggerating), wonderful baked breakfast goodies like what is pictured below, and savory sandwiches.  And excellent coffee as well.  I would go back each and every time I was in San Francisco if I were you, and in some ways it is almost better that I do not live there, because I am quite certain I would have to alternate between fasting and eating here.
The picture perfect appearance of everything they make is counterbalanced by just how magnificent each and every bite is to taste.  We had a midday flight out of town, and we stopped here, luggage in hand, on the way out of town.  Yes, food of this quality is something worth going out of your way for in our book.  We know, we have a problem.  The fact that there is always a line is well understood after looking at what the current guests are eating, and the whole experience, even the wait, was very enjoyable.

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