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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Learning to Drive (2015)

This movie has two actors in it that I very much like.  Ben Kingsley plays a Sikh man in New York who teaches driving by day and drives a cab at night.  Patricia Clarkson is a basically unhappy woman who knows so little about what she wants and how to make herself happy that it is astounding.  The movie opens with her getting into Kingsley's cab where he witnesses an ugly break up between her and her soon to be ex-husband.She decides that as a result of losing her relationship that she needs to learn how to drive.  Her husband did all the driving and if she is going to do something as simple as visit her daughter she is going to have to learn to drive.  That is the text of the story, but the subtext is that she needs to learn how to live her life, and Kingsley helps her with both of those tasks.  His soothing words of advise apply to both being a good driver of your car and being a good driver of your life, and they form a tight bond with each other over the course of the movie.  Kingsley learns to relax and help his new wife adjust to both him and her new country.  Clarkson learns to let go of her old house and her old life, and to move forward.

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