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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Land Ho! (2014)

This is a small independent movie with two lead actors you have probably never heard of and a character driven plot.  It might be supremely unappealing if you are under 30, but for us, well in the throes of middle age, it was a pleasant movie.

Mitch (played by Earl Lynn Nelson) goes to visit Colin (Paul Eenhorn), who has recently been divorced.  Mitch and Colin were married to sisters, but neither of them is any more.  Mitch is happy about it but Colin is not, so Mitch arranges a trip to Iceland for them to relax, enjoy the good life, and forget their current problems.  It turns out that Mitch has some issues of his own, and the two of them are cheering each other up.

Mitch is unabashedly crude, talking almost incessantly about sex, asking inappropriate questions, and telling people what he thinks of them, even when they clearly do not want to know.  This may or may not have something to do with his marijuana smoking, hard to say.  Colin is alternatingly bemused and irritated by Mitch's behavior, and is a much needed counter balance to him in social situations.  The two of them have a number of small adventures, enjoying Iceland's profound natural beauty, and working on getting up the energy to move forward with their lives.  Very pleasant movie.

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