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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Love is Strange (2014)

It is not just love that is strange.  The movie has a slowness of pace that makes it hard to remain interested in it.

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina are two men who have lived together as a couple for 39 years before one day they stand up in front of their friends and tie the knot. And unfortunately that is when it all starts to unravel.  Molina is a music teacher at a Catholic school and while they were entirely comfortable with him living with another man for the majority of his life, but they were most certainly not okay with him being married to another man, and they fired him, effective immediately.  The loss of his income sent them into a quick tail spin, where they sell their apartment and are elderly and homeless. 

What happens next is what is hard to figure out.  Instead of leaving New York City and finding an affordable living situation they split up, one going to live with his nephew and his family and the other living with two young gay cops.  So within no time the family is at each others throats and the other is getting no sleep, and not much in the way of work to turn the situation around.  The vast majority of the movie is in this in between situation.  Then something very good happens followed by something very bad.  The end.

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