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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Los Danzantes, Oaxaca, Mexico

This is one of the restaurants that is oft written about in Oaxaca, and the truth be told, the neuvo Oaxacan food movement is not entirely to my taste.  I prefer thetraditional over the fussy in Oaxaca--at least when I am only there for a matter of days.  Perhaps if I could get may fill of the corn tortilla and chili based cuisine then after a month or so I might have the appropriate palate for this place.  Where the food and the atmosphere are both beautiful.
Our dinner got off on the wrong foot with our beverage choices.  We had been having mescal margaritas that highlighted the smokiness of the mescal married with sweet and sour flavors.  Our drinks were odd colors and too much on the sweet side for our tastes.  The next course was a delicious salad that saved the day.  The entree pictured at left is a traditional one. The chili pepper is stuffed with a black corn mixture with the texture of posole, but without the broth.  Well done, but not quite to our taste.  The scattered grasshoppers were well fried and spiced with lime, salt, and chili. 

I would recommend trying several options amongst diners in order to sample the cuisine.

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