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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oaxaca Al Gusto by Diana Kennedy

This is a cookbook that is stunningly gorgeous and impossible to cook from.  The book is arranged by regions within the state of Oaxaca and there is no index, so if you are planning a dinner and you want to serve fish, you would have to either know the region in which fish would be a likely dish or flip through the entire book to find the various fish recipes.  It is possible that there are people who pick out the recipes and then go buy the ingredients.  It is even possible that those cooks outnumber people who cook as I do.  I am largely driven by what I have in my refrigerator and my freezer, combined with putting together the components of a typical weekend meal with invited guests at my house.

So why am I writing about this book?  Because it is a beautiful book to look through.  The pictures are spectacular.  There are pictures from markets, pictures of food and the raw ingredients that go into the food, and pictures of the people.  It is a gorgeous collection of pictures and recipes that would look fantastic on any coffee table.

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