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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Maggie (Kristin Wiig) and Milo (Bill Hader) are estranged twins.  Their relationship ruptured when they were in high school.  Milo was having an affair with a teacher, something that he feels was the best relationship of his life, and Maggie brought it to everyone's attention.  The teacher lost his job and the twins were never the same.  Maggie stayed in upstate New York and Milo went to LA to try his hand at acting, which went about as well as you might expect.  They are reunited a decade later when Milo is found with his wrists slashed in his bathtub.

Now Maggie is no paragon of mental health either--she is pictured in the bathroom about to take a handful of pills when she gets the call that Milo needs her.  They come by their dysphoria honestly.  Their father committed suicide when they were 14 and their mother is the epitome of self-centeredness.  Not up to the task of shepherding her children through adolescence, much less trauma.  The movies is about the complicated path back to friendship that the twins manage to eventually negotiate.  Nicely done, if sad.

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