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Monday, February 23, 2015


These are little mouthfuls of flavor that come from the Isthmus region of Oaxaca.  The size is 3-4" in diameter, and the disks are thicker than tortillas.  They are topped with:
Shredded pork or beef that is spiced
Queso fresco
Pickled cabbage

The garnacha base is made with fresh masa, which can be bought at a Latin grocery store or made with masa harina.  If you make it, be sure to let it sit for a while so the corn flour can fully rehydrate and you can get the texture of the dough right.  It should not crack when you knead it and if it does crack, you can add a bit more water.  Rick Bayless' version starts with fresh masa, but he adds shortening or lard and a bit of sugar.  The disks are flattened like tortillas, but left about twice as thick and instead of cooking them on a griddle or a comal, you fry them in oil until they are browned and crisp on the outside.  They will still be a bit moist on the inside.  Once they are done, you top them with the meat, a bit of salsa, and then queso freco sprinkled on top.  Serve it with a freshly pickled cabbage as an appetizer.  Phenomenal!

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