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Saturday, February 21, 2015

El Biche Pobre, Oaxaca, Mexico

Our guide in Oaxaca, Pablo Gonzalez Marsch, told us about this restaurant, which is an easy walk from the downtown area.  He is an exceptional guide, and he has very similar taste in food to us.  He highly recommended the sampler plate here, and even though it was only 11:00 in the morning, my spouse thought that we each needed an enormous platter with 12 different dishes on each of them.

Well, he was wrong about our ability to consume that much food that early in the day, but otherwise he was spot on.  The food is delicious, and all the classic Oaxacan dishes are represented.  Pablo said that we should be sure not to miss eating the bean tostada.  He said that every time he goes, he has to take something home and usually he chooses the bean tostada.  However, on his last visit, he ate it early on, just to see what he was missing, and the bean tostada was delicious.  That is the danger here, and if you go with someone who will share with you, I recommend sharing one of these between two people.  But I definitely recommend going.

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