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Friday, August 14, 2015

Life After Beth (2015)

The review that I read that said it best characterized this movie as getting into the zombie genre in a new way, but then it couldn't find it's way out quite as well.

Beth and Zach have been dating but are not at a serious phase in their relationship.  Then Beth dies from a snake bite on a hike through the woods, and Zach's unresolved feelings about Beth lead to a complicated bereavement.  He spends a lot of time at her parents house, who are understandably grieving as well.  Zach's family, who are somewhat shallowly portrayed here, really don't get what he is going through.  Then one day, Zach sees Beth at her parents house.  Alive.  Or seemingly so.  He has the normal response to this, which is to accuse her parents of lying about Beth's death and searing up and down to his parents that she is alive.  They think he has gone off the deep end, and Beth's parents try to get him to shut up about it because she has come back as a zombie.  The movie falters in the middle and ends strong.  If you are the fan of the genre, then you are an inherently forgiving movie fan, and will likely enjoy but not love this movie.

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