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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Song One (2015)

This did not get great reviews, but I definitely liked it.  It is a subdued, almost awkward, romance and it does not have much in the way of comic relief that hit the right notes for me.

Franny (Anne Hathaway) had a big fight with her brother Henry.  He dropped out of college to pursue his music.  She ignored the YouTube links he sent her on the songs he was working on.  She hadn't spoken to him in six months when her mother (Mary Steenbergen) calls her home from her research in tribal customs of Berber women in Morocco because Henry has been hit by a cab on his way home from busking in the subway and is in a coma.  Franny is heartbroken and guilt ridden, which translates into her going through Henry's notebooks that chronicle his musical journeys and following in his footsteps.  She goes to his favorite diner and brings him pancakes to smell.  She records street sounds in places he went.  She goes to a concert of his favorite musician, James Forrester, and tells him about Henry after the show.  James is an introspective indie musician who is more shy than rock star. Franny gives him a copy of Henry's song, and after he listens to it, he seeks her out, and so the romance begins in the shadow of tragedy. 

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