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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Obvious Child (2014)

Do not be fooled by the trailer.  This movie is a dark comedy starring a woman who does stand up around issues that no one wants to talk about and no one wants to hear.  Donna (played ably by Jenny Slate) works in a book shop by day, and has an amateur comedy routine one night a week. She has a reasonably good and reasonably adult relationship with her parents, a good and loyal friend, but her life is not exactly on track.

Donna meets Max (Jake Lacy), who is a deeply decent guy and has what she sees as a one night stand to get over being dumped by her boyfriend and losing her job.  Max pursues her but she is hesitant and then she discovers that she is pregnant.  the decision of what to do is not a struggle for her, but how to interact with Max is.  It is like a little bit of a window into a real life.

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