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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rewrite (2015)

This is a largely predictable Hugh Grant romantic comedy.  So if you have always had a soft spot for those, and you are comfortable with Grant looking his age (which is 54, and while he is a very attractive man in his 50's, you wouldn't mistake him for a much younger man either), this will be a nice light movie night movie.

Grant plays a once-acclaimed, now down-on-his-luck, Hollywood screenwriter who is compelled by his financial circumstances to head east and teach a script writing class at a small college in remote and rainy Binghamton, New York.  Immeidately upon his arrival he sleeps with an undergraduate student and then admits her to his class.  He is utterly clueless about the ethics of this, but every viewer is more clued into college morays than he is, so from the very beginning we know where the movie is heading.  Marissa Tomei plays the perky, insightful, and talented non-traditional student we know from the start that he will end up with (she does not look 50 years old, which is what she is).  Light and lovely and in the mold of all Hugh Grant romantic comedies.

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