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Monday, August 24, 2015

Paradise (2013)

I like Octavia Spencer and Russell Brand and I love Diablo Cody as a writer, but somehow this movie didn't put it all together. Maybe Cody writes best when she is writing about ordinary people.  The movie is largely set in Las Vegas, where it can be argued that the lowest density of normal per capita is to be found in the United States.  It seemed like a quirky story but it fell a little flat.
The story is that Lamb is a young woman who is badly burned in a plane crash.  She has fragile skin grafts over a large percentage of her body and she is really angry and pretty disfigured.  She leaves her sheltered narrow Christian right community for the most debauched city she can think of with the intention of going wild.  Between her naivete and her lack of insight into what is motivating her to begin with, she has what is essentially a terrible time.  Fortunately, the movie is better than that, but not a whole lot better.

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