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Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Sugar Creek Chronicle by Cornelia Mutel

This is a book that is probably largely appealing if you are both a lover of nonfiction nature books and from Iowa.  In other words, this is really a niche market book, and you might have suspected that based only on the fact that it was published by a University Press.  In any case, if you happen to fall into those two categories (and I have to say that I read very little nonfiction and I am not what I would call an attention to detail nature enthusiast and I liked the book), this is a nice short and very sweet read.  A woman chronicles the climate change that is going on in her own backyard, both over the course of several years and over the course of her lifetime, and makes the case that we very much need to pay attention to this because we are in a state of emergency.  Her stated goal up front is that she doesn't want her grandchildren to grow up and think that she was on the wrong side of history.  It is not the sort of book that will sway minds, but it is a good read none the less.

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