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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Wishes

Happy Birthday to my wonderful spouse!  Here we are pictured, many years ago, on one of the many great adventures that we have had together over the years.  I love to travel and he is an exceptionally good companion. We have been on six continents together, and been to the top and the bottom on the world.  It hasn't been a great travel year for us, but I have my fingers crossed that we might be able to squeeze a bit more in as we move forward.
This past year has been one that I would characterize as harrowing rather than enjoyable, starting off with me in the hospital. I have been a bit more stable as the year progressed, but I haven't even finished chemotherapy yet, so the road ahead is still long and treacherous for me.  Since when your wife is unwell your life is quite poor, wish him well today and going forward.

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