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Monday, January 2, 2017

Boulder Museum of Modern Art, Colorado

 The Boulder Museum of Modern Art is just a couple of blocks from Pearl St., which is the main stream tourist street with lots of cute shops and recreational gear outlets.  It is a bargain admission price at one dollar and I think a good beginning to focusing a bit more than I usually do on art and what is beautiful.  This is an affordable place and has some very interesting pieces in it.  The smallness of it makes it easier to see everything and give it its due attention.  My favorite piece in the museum was this ceramic tile installation with a miniature city arsing out of the already widely textured tiles.  I would love something like this on my wall.
This piece on the left I understood far better having had a son who did an intermedia installation.  That means that there is video, there is audio, there might be something written to respond to and and there are actual objects involved.  This one is about the secret lives of bees.  There are several videos of bees within their hives, going about the business of making honey.  The audio is also of bees in a large crowd, busily buzzing.  So if you have a fear of bees, this might have some triggers for you.  It is like being right in a hive.  Then there are combs of honey on the wall and in the middle of the floor, the tangible evidence of the work of the bees, right there in the room with you.  It was a very effective, if a bit unsettling, piece.  So check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

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