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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Brasserie 1010, Boulder, Colorado

This is a really great French restaurant in Boulder.  It is not unbelievable, like Frasca is.  It is a really good bistro, with excellent food and reasonable prices to match.  I had crepes and they were delicious, and with a side salad were priced at $8.00.   The entree of brick chicken, a tradition preparation for a roast chicken, was excellent and priced at $16 dollars.  The atmosphere is beautifully done, a  large and airy restaurant with good ceramics and cutlery, and it is just a very pleasant place to dine. I wish my own town had something like this, because there were so many things ont he menu that looked good, everything that was ordered at my table was well executed, and it seems like a place you could go again and again.

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