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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Allegiant (2016)

This is the conclusion to the dystopian series that parallels the Hunger Games, but has it's own twist.  In this case, one of the twists is that the movie is different from the book.  Which is not a problem for me (although I was mostly just not sure that I was remembering the book correctly, so not a big adherent to the series to begin with and I might be a little less touchy about the change than others).
That said, this is a largely predictable movie that is not less enjoyable for that, if your expectations are aligned in the right places.  It is not a movie for the ages, but it has competent acting, a decent script, a balance between hope and despair for the future, and a smattering of special effects, and a handful of double dealing that always makes the good guys look a little bit better that they can still believe in the good of others even when much of their lives they have been treated badly.  If you missed the first two movies, you might want to skip this one, but if you saw them, catch this one too.

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