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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rapid Creek Cidery

Chef Matt Steigerwald and owner Katie Goering bring a restaurant, cider-tasting room and event space to Wilson’s Orchard this spring with the opening of Rapid Creek Cidery.  I have now eaten there on four occasions, tried a number of things on the menu, and been for both dinner and brunch.
The first thing to say is that the physical plant is beautiful.  The cidery is housed in an antique barn, meticulously reconstructed by Wilson’s owner.  But it is the food that will keep you coming back for more.  We have been a big fan of Matt's food for over a decade, and the farm-to-table concept is one that we like.  The vegetable side dishes and appetizers are the thing that stand out.  We share several of them as a prelude to the meal, and could stop there.  The french fires are well worth getting, the salad is delicious, but get a number of them and enjoy the season, whatever it is.  And brunch is outstanding too, with oyster sandwiches, an inspired shacshuka, and a German pancake that are not to be missed.

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