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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saffron Chase

We made this with the low end prosecco from Costco.  And we did actually chill the glasses!

20ml Chase gin
20ml Chase elderflower liqueur
20ml lemon juice
20ml saffron syrup (see below)
200ml champagne, ice-cold
Saffron syrup:
250g caster sugar
1/2 tsp saffron threads
Anything which involves champagne needs to be served in an ice-cold glass. In order to get it as cold as it needs to be, you can either pop your flute into the freezer for a couple of hours or, as we do in NOPI, simply fill the glass with crushed ice and leave it for 2 minutes before tipping it out, into the sink.

Chase is a single-estate English distiller based in Herefordshire producing gin, vodka and various liqueurs that, in our search for the finest, we love to use. There are other brands out there which are good, though: St-Germain elderflower, for example.

This is a nice and easy cocktail to make. You don’t even have to stir the ingredients in a mixing glass, if you don’t want to: you can just pour them straight into a chilled glass.

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