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Monday, August 7, 2017

Sing (2016)

I am very surprised to say that I really enjoyed this movie.  If you are someone who is driven crazy by anthropomorphic renditions of animals, you may need to find another film.  There are literally dozens of different animals depicted and none of them breaks out of a mold from what you would expect an animator to do decades ago.  It is cheesy in that aspect, but bright and fun all around.
On the surface, this story of koala bear impresario Buster Moon  nicely capturing this pint-size showman who is part huckster, part dreamer who decides to give his run-down theater a boost by staging a talent contest is simply plugging into the ongoing popularity of reality shows.  But no.  He gathers together a crew of shy but talented people who he brings out the best in, and who become an unlikely troupe of singers and dancers who can bring down the house.  And do.  On several levels.  It is also streaming on Netflix and family friendly.

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