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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Longest Week (2014)

This movie stars two people I enjoy watching in movies--Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup.  It is a not very deep, not very romantic, not very funny film about a man who wants for nothing in his material life but has little in the way of a personal life.  His parents have no discernible affection for him and left him to be raised by the staff in a hotel they own.  It is like a children's story in that way, but the outcomes is neither funny nor charming.

The story of love lost and found unfolds over the course of a week, which is a very short time, except of course the story in a movie is always told within the confines of a couple of hours so it isn't all that different in some ways.  There is a Wes Anderson wanna be component of the telling of the tale that does not add to it's charm, but doesn't detract enough to make it unentertaining.  A nice diversion.

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