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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Textile Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico

This is a small museum in Oaxaca dedicated to native textiles.  I read in a review that it is the only textile museum in Mexico, and if that is true, the preservation of native textiles may be in trouble, because while the items in the exhibits are of fine quality, there are not many of them, and I worry that the centuries old traditions of native women in the region will not receive the attention and study that they deserve.
The beautiful thing about the region of Oaxaca is that while the museum might be a little light on textiles, the women of the region continue to make and wear their native clothing.  The markets and the churches of various regions are both good places to see the artistry of clothing that is so prevalent in the region.  I recommend this museum if you know absolutely nothing about textiles, because it can teach you the basics.  Additionally, the gift shop has some excellent textiles to look at.  I would recommend looking in the market if you are interested in buying because the prices are very jacked up, but it is a good place to learn.

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