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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Privledge to Pay

Ever since the video of Mitt Romney and his multi-millionaire donors bemoaning the fact that that they pay taxes while others do not, I have felt the need to invite controversy by saying that one should be thankful that one is paying taxes.  It means that you are making enough money to pay taxes.  Rejoice! You are compensated at a greater than living wage!

In my eyes, the fact that only 47% of people are paid enough money to pay income tax is an enormous problem that needs to be talked about.  Why has the minimum wage not been raised?  No one thinks that you can support yourself, much less a family, on a 40 hour a week minimum wage job.   Or 50 or 60 hours.  It is just not possible to have a mortgage, a car, and insurance.  We cannot be the greatest nation on earth if we fail to cover the minimal standards of living for everyone.  So be happy today if you are sending some of your hard earned cash to Uncle Sam.  Try to overlook the fact that public servants who make more than you are not earning their keep, and focus on the good that is in your life.  For one day at least.

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