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Friday, April 17, 2015

Words and Pictures (2014)

This is an unusual romantic drama with a dash of comedy that stars two actors that I have liked for many years. It is not a total success, but so many movies miss that mark that it is hardly worth mentioning, because there is something to be thought about in this movie and it is entertaining to watch.

San (Clive Owens) is a mess.  He is a burnt out alcoholic teacher at a private school.  He was hired for his past brilliance as a poet, but those years are long gone and he spends most of his time yelling at his class and embarrassing his son with his drunken behavior.  He is on the verge of losing his job because of the aforementioned behavior, which makes him sit up and take notice, trying to improve his chances of retaining his job, but the booze has too great a hold on him for that to really work.

Dina (Juliette Binoche) is a well known artist who takes a job teaching not because she has a gift for it but because her rheumatoid arthritis has gotten to the point where she can no longer paint the way that she used to.  She is frustrated and depressed, but she also is searching for a new way to express her creativity, a drive that Sam has either long forgotten or never had.  Together they form a very fragile alliance that gives each of them a bit of hope for the future.  it is not the sort of love story that inspires one to great heights.  It is a realistic alliance that can be healing for both of them.

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